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  • Marcelo Neri e Fabio Schiavinatto

    The Population Perception book presented here has as its main objective to present a panel of indicators of the population's perception aimed at...

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    Income and Welfare > Inclusive Growth, Inequality and Poverty Human & Well-Being > Education and Skills, Social Goals & Life Quality, Security and Housing Labour & Production > Employment and Productivity Society Econometrics > Looks and Perceptions, Coverage and Demand, Policies Application and Impact Evaluation
  • Marcelo Neri, Luisa Melo e Samanta Monte

    The aim of this book is to unveil a new world in the traditional field of poverty studies, here and elsewhere, that is the rural area. If the new...

    Themes / Subthemes
    Income and Welfare > Inclusive Growth, Inequality and Poverty, Income Policies, New Middle Class Labour & Production > Employment and Productivity, Market Access Society Econometrics > Demography and Diversity, Coverage and Demand
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Besides prosperity and equality, stability is a key attribute to social well-being. Like the first two dimensions, stability is missing in the...
The contingent of people with household per capita income lower than 497 reais per month became 62.9 million Brazilians in 2021, about 29.6% of the...
ABSTRACT: Brazil occupies a prominent place on the issue of food insecurity, both because of agricultural production and because of the difficulties...
What was the Impact of the Pandemic on the Work and Study of Youngsters?  Recent studies conducted by FGV Social show high vulnerability of the...
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Seminars organized by the CPS


  • Entrevista com Edward Glaeser - Economista e Professor de Harvard
  • Seminário "Combate à Pobreza, Crescimento Inclusivo e a Nova Agenda Social" / Seminar "Overcoming Poverty, Inclusive Growth and the New Social Agenda"
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  • CGTN - Brazil faces hunger and food insecurity (Marcelo Neri - FGV Social)
  • Marcelo Neri (Director of FGV Social) - "Where are the elderly? Knowledge against Covid-19"
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