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  • Marcelo Neri e Fabio Schiavinatto

    The Population Perception book presented here has as its main objective to present a panel of indicators of the population's perception aimed at...

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    Income and Welfare > Inclusive Growth, Inequality and Poverty Human & Well-Being > Education and Skills, Social Goals & Life Quality, Security and Housing Labour & Production > Employment and Productivity Society Econometrics > Looks and Perceptions, Coverage and Demand, Policies Application and Impact Evaluation


Just over a year after the Covid-19 pandemic hit the country, what has happened to labor income inequality and prosperity since then? What about...
In a project entitled Atlas of Youths, spatial representation plays a prominent role. We emphasize here changes and levels of the of Brazilian youth...
Click here to see the content of the research The "Educational PAC", released at the time, attempts to place basic education at the center of...

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  • Percepções / Perceptions


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