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  • Marcelo Neri, Luisa Melo e Samanta Monte

    The aim of this book is to unveil a new world in the traditional field of poverty studies, here and elsewhere, that is the rural area. If the new...

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    Income and Welfare > Inclusive Growth, Inequality and Poverty, Income Policies, New Middle Class Labour & Production > Employment and Productivity, Market Access Society Econometrics > Demography and Diversity, Coverage and Demand
  • Marcelo Neri

    Just as the French relate the blue, white and red colours to their revolution ideals: liberty, equality and fraternity, were we to relate...

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    Society Econometrics > Demography and Diversity


Who are the elderly Brazilians? How do they live? Where do they live? (evidence by countries, Brazilian states, capital cities, municipalities and...
Neri, Marcelo Cortes
Does money bring happiness? What are the links between economics and social wellbeing in Brazil and the world? Is the country a point outside the...
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Click here to see the content of the research The research provides continuation to that launched in 2005, “Portraits of Religion in Brazil” (...

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