FILTRO: HUMAN D & WELL-BEING > Security and Housing / Favelas and Cities


  • Marcelo Neri

    This book evaluates the local impacts and legacies of the Olympics in Rio by comparing Rio2016 with other Olympic experiences...

    Themes / Subthemes
    Human & Well-Being > Favelas and Cities Society Econometrics > Demography and Diversity, Policies Application and Impact Evaluation
  • Marcelo Neri e Fabio Schiavinatto

    The Social Perception System of Indicators’ (SIPS) main objective is to present a panel of social indicators
    to promote monitoring actions...

    Themes / Subthemes
    Income and Welfare > Inclusive Growth, Inequality and Poverty Human & Well-Being > Education and Skills, Social Goals & Life Quality, Security and Housing Labour & Production > Employment and Productivity Society Econometrics > Looks and Perceptions, Coverage and Demand, Policies Application and Impact Evaluation