• Foto do economista Marcelo Neri sendo premiado no Trata Brasil - Saneamento Básico

    The Director of FGV Social - Center for Social Policy, Marcelo Neri, was honored and awarded as the first researcher of Instituto Trata Brasil, during the institute’s 10th anniversary event. Trata...

    Themes / Subthemes Human & Well-Being > Health and Infrastructure
  • January/2018

    Marcelo Neri was interviewed by the newspaper O Globo to talk about FGV Social's research in the area of ??Economics of Religions.

    In 2011, the FGV Social published...

    Themes / Subthemes Society Econometrics > Demography and Diversity
  • April/2017

    Ends, means and the Agenda for Fighting Poverty
    FGV Social co-edits special edition of the Brazilian Journal of Public Administration (RAP)

    The role of federal programs such as Bolsa...

    Themes / Subthemes Income and Welfare > Inclusive Growth, Inequality and Poverty, Inequality, wealth and opportunities, Income Policies, New Middle Class Human & Well-Being > Health and Infrastructure, Social Goals & Life Quality, Favelas and Cities Labour & Production > Employment and Productivity, Market Access Society Econometrics > Policies Application and Impact Evaluation
  • Tela da reportagem realizada pela TV Record no FGV Social - Desempenho relativo das mulheres tem sido melhor do que o dos homens da recessão

    Between the last quarters of 2015 and 2016, the economic downturn had different impacts on Brazilians, based on their household conditions and genders. That is one of the conclusions drawn from a...

    Themes / Subthemes Income and Welfare > Inequality and Poverty, New Middle Class Human & Well-Being > Education and Skills Labour & Production > Employment and Productivity Society Econometrics > Demography and Diversity