Instituto Trata Brasil awards FGV Social at 10th anniversary event

Foto do economista Marcelo Neri sendo premiado no Trata Brasil - Saneamento Básico

The Director of FGV Social - Center for Social Policy, Marcelo Neri, was honored and awarded as the first researcher of Instituto Trata Brasil, during the institute’s 10th anniversary event. Trata Brasil works since 2007 to universalize basic sanitation, supporting the cause and projects in communities lacking basic sanitation and where the lack of water and daily exposure to open-air sewers are normal. Neri participated in the inception and establishment of the institute, carrying out various research projects through FGV Social - Center for Social Policy, such as ‘A Falta que o Saneamento Faz’ [What the Lack of Sanitation Does], actively involved in this cause.

During a seminar at FGV, Édison Carter, President of Trata Brasil, recalled the key role of Neri and FGV in creating the institute:  “Much of Trata Brasil’s success is due to the pioneering work of Marcelo Neri and the research carried out when Trata Brasil was created. FGV was Trata Brasil’s very first partner, specifically in Neri’s field. We are very grateful to the professor for everything he has done and still does for Trata Brasil and sanitation,” he said.

Trata Brasil’s model was later replicated in other segments, such as Instituto Ilumina, which is linked to the electricity sector.

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