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  • Marcelo Neri

    The book seeks to study the causes behind the consumption boom triggered by the Cruzado Plan through the construction and simulation of...

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    Income and Welfare > Income Policies, New Middle Class Microfinance & Mobility > Savings and Social security Society Econometrics > Coverage and Demand
  • Marcelo Neri e Fabio Schiavinatto

    The Social Perception System of Indicators’ (SIPS) main objective is to present a panel of social indicators
    to promote monitoring actions...

    Themes / Subthemes
    Income and Welfare > Inclusive Growth, Poverty and Inequality Human & Well-Being > Education and Skills, Social Goals & Life Quality, Security and Housing Labour & Production > Employment and Productivity Society Econometrics > Looks and Perceptions, Coverage and Demand, Policies Application and Impact Evaluation
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    The term “Olympic legacy” refers generally to the projection of the gains to be seized by the city after the realization of the...
Click here to see the content of the research About the research: The study describes the recent evolution of income distribution, poverty...  BRAZIL: Inequality Declines in Rio as Rich Get Poorer...
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Seminars organized by the CPS


  • Evento WWP - Mundo sem pobreza / WWP Event - World Without Poverty
  • Seminário "Combate à Pobreza, Crescimento Inclusivo e a Nova Agenda Social" / Seminar "Overcoming Poverty, Inclusive Growth and the New Social Agenda"
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  • 2016 Brazil Economic Conference
  • Video Long Term - Rio Social Changes 2009-2016: Is There a Pre-Olympic Legacy?
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