Motives for School Evasion - Neri, Marcelo Cortes


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ABSTRACT: We propose to study the causes of evasion along three basic lines, namely: the myopia or ignorance of public policy managers who restrict the supply of educational services; the intrinsic lack of interest of parents and students about the supply of education, be it for its perceived low quality or their ignorance and myopia about education’s potential impacts. A third line is the income or credit market restrictions that stop people from enjoying the high returns of education in the long term.

Amongst the reasons why people are not in school, 85,6% are related to the lack of demand against 12,9% of problems with the supply of education.
The lack of intrinsic interest represents 50,5% of evasion. The need to increase income represents 35,1% of the evasion.
School evasion is worse when the aggregate work opportunity is combined with individual income deprivation.

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NERI, Marcelo C. O Paradoxo da Evasão e as Motivações dos Sem-escola. In: Fernando Veloso; Samuel Pessoa; Ricardo Henriques; Fábio Giambiagi (Orgs.). (Org.). Educação Básica no Brasil: Construindo o País do Futuro. 1ed.Rio de Janeiro: Campus-Elsevier, 2009, v.1, p.25-50.

NERI, Marcelo C. Motives for School Evasion. Rio de Janeiro. 2019. FGV Social. Available online at: <