Photo: Members of the Conference Committee (from the left to the right): Jocelyn  Finlay (Harvard), David Lam (Director of the ISR – Michigan), Murray Leibbrandt (Cape Town U.E) and Marcelo Neri (FGV Social).

Poverty and inequality are debated by international researchers in the US
FGV Social co-organized the event, which was held at the Institute of Social Research at the University of Michigan

Photo: Members of the Conference Committee (from the left to the right): Jocelyn Finlay (Harvard), David Lam (Director of ISR - Michigan), Murray Leibbrandt (Cape Town U.E) and Marcelo Neri (FGV Social).

FGV Social was one of the organizers of the International Research Conference on Population, Poverty and Inequality, held on June 27-29 at the Institute of Social Research (ISR) at the University of Michigan, USA. ISR is a benchmark case in generating household surveys and connecting them to administrative records, in addition to being a leader in the development and application of new social science methods.

The event was led by the International Union for the Scientific Study of Population - IUSSP (click here to access more materials on the event´s website).

The conference was attended by researchers from a wide range of countries, who presented their research on the interaction of population data with poverty and inequality estimates. Next year, a new conference will be held in Paris with FGV Social as co-organizer.

The Director of FGV Social, Marcelo Neri, commented on four papers at the conference and presented his study “Top incomes' impacts on inequality, growth and social welfare: Demographic implications of combining surveys and income tax data in Brazil” conducted in partnership with Marcos Hecksher, from IPEA. Neri also participated in a panel on the connection between research and public policy on the last day of the event; The debate was broadcast live.

Neri also took to the conference some local initiatives, such as conditional cash transfer programs such as the “Família Carioca” developed by FGV Social for the municipality of Rio de Janeiro.

The study “The returns of education in the labor market” was also presented at the congress, through experiences that provided the population with data and information on the impacts of investment in education. Neri also shows the importance of listening to society's demands and opinions through subjective researches (“How is life?: Understanding the economy of happiness” and “Perceptions of the Crisis”).



Plenary Session Video* on Research and Public Policy (Excerpt - Duration: 12 min.)
Marcelo Neri (FGV Social) talks about his experience as a policy-maker 


Full Plenary Session (Duration: 1h40min)




* Plenary Information
"From research to policy: influencing decisionmakers”