Marcelo Neri Makes Lectures For Princess Máxima Of The Netherlands, UN Microfinance Ambassator



Marcelo Neri, chief economist of FGV's Center for Social Policies (CPS), made two presentations for Princess Máxima of the Netherlands, UN's Ambassador for Microfinance.
The first presentation took place at the event "Expanded Access to Financial Services in Low Income Communities of Rio de Janeiro" at the International Finance Corporation (IFC). The second one took place at the Central Bank, in Brasilia, approaching microcredit and the rising of Class C – topics of the books launched by Neri: “The New Middle Class” (see the book's website and "Microcredit: The Northeastern Mystery and the Brazilian Grameen” launched by FGV's publisher ( The latter was the basis for the development of Federal Government's program Crescer and was mentioned by President Dilma during its launch (
The CPS' research on microfinance can be accessed at
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