Social Economics & Public Policy - Undergraduate (SHORT)

FGV Social teaches courses on diagnosis, design and evaluation of public policies aimed at different segments of society. These courses seek to improve the measurement, understanding and application of socio-economic indicators.

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General Aspects of The Course
The short material given in class will be posted in this page. The more detailed file and associated materials can be found within the thematic boxes. 
Course Syllabus: Social Economics & Public Policy / Economia Social & Política Pública - N
Link Zoom - Aula Zoom de Social Economics & Public Policy - ID da reunião:933 9107 8597 / Senha de acesso: 557721 (agendada para sextas-feiras até 11/3/22 depois serão aulas presenciais)
Exercises with solutions (expanded emphasis is on concepts)
Formula sheet to be handed to students with the A1 exam questions
A1 Exam Questions Social Economics 2022_1
A1 Exam Questions&Answers to  Social Economics 2022_1
> A1 Exam Questions Social Economics 2023_1
> A1 Exam Questions&Answers to Social Economics 2023_1

Poverty and Inequality
Slides - Inequality - Ginis and Lorenz World and Brazil / Graphical Representation
Video Class Inequality - Ginis and Lorenz World and Brazil / Graphical Representations
> Text - Social Welfare
Text - Deaton (1997), Chapter 3, section 3.1
Text - Information Theory based Indexes  (Theil T and Theil L)  
Vídeo Class: Social Welfare and Inequality
Slides - Growth and Shared Prosperity in Brazil
Slides - Inequality, Growth and Social Welfare (Gini): Microsimulation of Taxes and Transfers Changes
> Slides - Other Data on Inclusive Growth  
Video Class: Inclusive Growth Decompositions
Slides - Poverty as Income Insufficiency
> Video Class - Poverty as Income Insufficiency 
> Text - Neri, M. (2017) “Poverty”
Text - Deaton (1997), Chapter 3, section 3.2 
> Text - Fields, Gary, (2001) “Distribution and development”, chapters 4 and 5 (pages 86 to 94 and 100-102)
> Text - Application Econometric Techniques
> Slides - Multidimensional Poverty 
Video Class - Poverty: Macro, Micro & Multidimensional Aspects

Social Goals and Global Social Indicators
Social Targets: Slides, Abstract, Q&A
Video Class - Social Targets
Slides - Human Development Index (HDI, IHDI, PHDI)
> Video Class - Human Development Index (HDI, IHDI, PHDI)
Slides - How to Measure Social Progress?
> Video Class - How to Measure Social Progress?

Middle Class
> Slides - Polarization and Middle Class Issues
> Video Class - Polarization and Middle Class Issues


Temporal Choice

Income Policies
> Slides - Results, Channels and CCTs 
> Video Slides Long Presentation
> Text - Paper: A Next Generation of CCTs?

> Slides - Education targets & Strategies
> Slides - Returns to education and intergenerational mobility
> Slides - Education Returns
> Slides - O impacto da COVID 19 na Educação 


Productive Inclusion
> Slides - Shared Productivity
> Slides - Informality and Entrepreneurship
Slides - Microcredit

Microcredit & Microinsurance
> Slides - Big Picture Brazilian Social Trends
> Slides - Habitação e Regularização Fundiária